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    Photos by Fago

John Fago is the staff photographer of the Other Minds Festival, and his images form the primary visual archive of Other Minds. A comprehensive selection is presented here—organized by Festival. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Bielawa Del Sol - Mykietyn Frey
Parker - Jordan Rova Performs Pawel
Natasha Barrett Frey Bielawa, Riley, Frey
Eva Maria Zimmermann Gyan Riley Plays Charles & Carla
OM 15 Panel Pawel & Del Sol Tallulah with Carla
Tom Johnson Carla Kihlstedt Frey Score
Barrettbielawajordanjohnson Jordan, Barrett, Mykietyn Tom Johnson
Kidd Jordan OM 15 Composers OM 15 Composers
OM 15 Composers OM 15 Composers
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