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Our postal and email newsletters keep you informed of music news, advance notice of events and offer community interaction. We have four options as described below.

1. MindAlert
Other Minds Email Newsletter (free)
We send monthly newsletters delivering OM news of interest to your email address. You will receive notice of OM events, news, announcements, interviews and special projects.

Subscribe here to MindAlert.

2. Othermindsforum (free)
This is an email discussion group hosted by the OM website where subscribers interact with each other about new music. Feel free to initiate, participate or observe.
We do have some guidelines lest this become a burden to subscribers and defeat its purpose of community and shared ideas.
Messages should be related to the arts, sharing of opinions and announcements of artistic events. Absolutely no spamming. Please do not misuse this for sales pitches and unrelated personal agendas.
No attachments. Too risky with all the viruses out there. If you receive one,please delete it without opening.
Abuses will result in removal from the list.

Subscribe here to Othermindsforum.

3. Other Minds General Mailing List (free)
Our postal mailing list receives our yearly festival poster, brochures, save the date cards and special announcements.

We periodically and very selectively make the list available to other arts organizations who want to tell you about other events of interest. Please indicate if you do NOT want us to give your address to anyone else.

Subscribe here to our General Mailing List.

4. MindReader
We formerly published a print newsletter called MindReader. It included excellent feature articles and in depth information about Other Minds projects. All issues of MindReader are avilable as pdf downloads from this page.